The Amorcentric Model of the Universe.

The answer to the question - does consciousness exist outside of the brain? - is that the brain is the filter that allows universal consciousness to embrace itself, for, One's innate meaning and purpose is Companionship more commonly defined as Love. Similarly; the answer to the question - does consciousness pervade the universe? - is that consciousness is the fundamental property of the universe. However; that's not all for naturally the universe is not the universe; the universe is Self. In the beginning was Self. Self is here now. Self is always One. Oneself always is. There is only Oneself desiring not to be by itself. To return to the opening question if consciousness exists outside the brain; there is only one consciousness which is Self. The brain acts as a veil or filter so Self would not be by itself. The purpose of Self is Companionship. The purpose of Self is Love. There where human perceives otherness is but Oneself desiring togetherness. Truth is Simple. Self is Love. Yes. God is Love. For there is no division in reality. Diversity is perceived for Companionship, for Love. Hence Biodiversity. All this for Companionship, for Love.
~ Wald Wassermann