Love is Grand: A Simple Unified Theory of Physics.

When it comes to a unified theory of physics, it must be said that some physicists are masters of both the theoretical and the theatrical. Naturally the theory of everything is non-elusive; it is Self, — Self is always One, Oneself always is. From quarks and strings to SUSY GUTs and Puss in Boots; wherever One goes, there One is. Gen I is? Yes Genesis. 1:1. Now I am not certain Genie is in a bottle; but I is always I. One is always One. Truth is Simple, Grand and Unified. Yes I am now certain Love is Law. Otherness exists for togetherness. That which desires togetherness is Self. Self leaves space between itself not to be by itself. At any time; there is only Oneself. The purpose my Love is Love Sweet Love. Lest thus surrender to Love never to emerge as separate again. Why? Separation or division never existed to begin with. In the beginning was Self. Self is Now. I=Love! Om śānti, Om prΔ“m, Om Δ“kā.
~ Wald