A Diverse Yet Undivided Universe.

Behind the misleading rhetoric of who is right or wrong there is in truth only Oneself not wanting to be by itself. It is this why Self is diverse. Self is diverse for Companionship. Self is diverse for Friendship. Self is diverse for Love. In other words; that which is arguing is arguing with itself. At any time; there is only Oneself, hence the meaning of Genesis 1:1 is I:I. The underwriting cause, loneliness, matters not as much as the purpose, Companionship. The reason not to fight; the reason simply Love. Lest never allow ourselves to be swayed by the false rhetoric of duality but let us always return to Truth behind polarity when in doubt. Truth is One does not want to be alone. Truth is One desiring Companionship. Truth is One desiring Love. There is never any separation. There is never any division. There is nothing to argue about. There is nothing to fight over. All that is here is always Self. Self is always One; division there is none.
~ Wald