The Wor(l)d is Self: Self Embraces itself; as such Love.

Reality is Self. At any time; Self is always One, Oneself always is. Word? Yes I Am, as a scientist and BioLogist, certain that reality is the result of Self not wanting to be by itself. The desire to negate I's aloneness serves NOT the purpose to fight (which is absurd for all that is here is Self); no, the purpose is Companionship Yes Love. Love is all that matters rightfully so. There is nothing to argue about nor is there anything to fight for all that is here is always Self. May I suggest to reverse engineer the defense budgets by 3% yearly and allocate the proceeds for planetary restoration, community services and bridge-building purposes instead? Yes I may for I is. I is always I. Gen I is? Elementary my Dear I yet closer to Truth: Amor I is.