This Play for Love.

Is it so that the purpose of the universe, from the beginning of the word which is self really, was to create intelligent life or was intelligence not part of one's plan? I say there is only one intelligence which is self and that self is highly intelligent for it is able to perceive itself as diversified not to be by itself. Word? Yes I is certain self is so intelligent that it has self-engineered to see itself as diverse, as separate, as split, as otherness, as variegated to experience togetherness through self-perceived otherness. Yes I am, as a scientist and biologist, certain that the perception of all diversity is self-engineered not to be by oneself, to be able to experience companionship. Companionship corresponding to love for love equates to companionship. What it means is that the desire for companionship is the underwriting purpose of self-perceived diversity (biodiversity). As to the existential cause: it is the unwillingness to feel alone; hence why it is said that it is not g-d for g-d to be alone. In nuce: there is no separation or division. It is self that stages itself as diversified, as all men and women, as multiple players, not to be by itself. All the world's a stage or does the word stage itself not to be by itself? I say both for the wor(l)d is self. The purpose so simple so pure, the purpose companionship otherwise known as love.
~ Wald Wassermann