Why do we exist?

The answer to the question - why do we exist? - is Love. Very true, truly simple as in singular. Naturally we is not we as in plural; we is One desiring not to be alOne. Hence Biodiversity. Naturally Self is diverse not to be by itself. Naturally diversity does not imply division. Division is a fallacy that was born out of the individual seeing itself as separate from the whole, One's true Self, God. What, then, is true Love? True Love is Godly Love. It happens when it is realized that 'that' which we are is God and that there is no division in God. As such True Love is all-Inclusive Love for there is only I. Division does not exist and all otherness is Self desiring togetherness. For indeed; all that is here is Self desiring not to be by itself, all that is here is Self desiring Companionship, all that is here is Self embracing itself with Love. There are no others truly. At any time, there is only Self, there is only God. And the one and only purpose of God is Love.
~ Wald