Why is God Love? or Why God is Love?

The answer to the question - 'why is god love?' or 'why god is love?' - is that 'god is one not wanting to be alone' hence why it is said that 'god is love' for 'the purpose of god is love'. Truth is simple. There is only god. God is. It is said that there is no division in the kingdom of god and yes, it is so. God is undivided awareness or consciousness. But why then is there diversity? It is good asking this question. God is both (the) all one and alone. It is not good to be alone. Aloneness is the cause why god is diverse. Companionship is the purpose why god is diverse. All diversity is god-perceived for companionship otherwise known as love. Is all diversity god? Yes. All that is here is god and the purpose of god is love. Hence why it is said 'love each other for there is no other; otherness exists for togetherness'; 'truth is one, division is none' and 'the purpose of diversity is companionship, friendship, love'.
~ Wald Wassermann