According to One's Own Love.

It is good asking the question - can we ever know ultimate reality? - for truth is simple and purpose is Love. According to classical physics, it is said that our physical world is the result from an interplay of interactions (forces), either repulsive or attractive. Allow me to explain this further. Traditionally, physics has been unable to explain ‘why’ there are opposing forces; it is simply stated that there are opposing forces as a fact. Quantum Field Theory has tried to answer this by stating that there are three Spin variants. Spin 0 (mediator or enabler particle), Spin 1 (causes repulsion), Spin 2 (causes attraction).  About Spin 0 (the mediator or enabler): Spin 0 regulates through the sign + or - the attraction or repulsion between 'like objects'. The key Word here is Like as in Love. Very important. Regardless; attraction or repulsion depends on whether the Spin of the mediating particle (Spin 0) is odd or even. Now I am certain that the above conclusions lead to the truth although they are abstractions still. Perhaps it will soon be re-discovered that ‘truth is simple as in one and that diversity does not imply division’. As such I would like to propose yet not again another new Quantum theory but to go straight to the heart of the matter (and antimatter) with “the Amoris Theory”. The Amoris Theory contains the words Amor and I (referring to Self aka The Word being One as in Genisis 1:1) and the equation of the Amoris Theory is 'I=Amor' or 'I=Love' (Einstein’s E = mc2 is valid but circumnavigates the truth as it deals with abstractions; not ultimate reality in its totality). The equation 'I=Love' puts the distracting bells and whistles of “E = mc2” on silent mode and returns to the essence of beingness; I Love. The meaning of the Amoris Theory is I Am Love, Amor I is, I is Love, Love is I. Why? There is only One, there is only Self, there is only Oneself (I) and the purpose of Self (I) is Love; hence the equation “I=Love”. When it comes to physical reality; Self (I) is Love in action. The Amoris Theory of Physics states that all that is here is Self and that Self is undivided but diverse for Companionship otherwise known as Love, i.e., Self perceives itself as diverse not to be by itself; the purpose of Self so simple so pure, the purpose of Self Companionship, Friendship, Love. This nicely overlaps with Abiogenesis and biodiversity by the way (as the way or the tao is one: hence buen camino indeed). Opposing forces are in truth Self complementing itself not to be by itself, i.e., opposing forces are in truth Self complementing itself so Self could embrace itself; so Self could experience Companionship. While it is said in standard physics that night and day, ebb and flow, man and woman, dark energy and dark matter are not opposite energies but complementary energies; Amoris Theory states that our physical world is in reality Self (The Word) embracing itself through its Self-desired, Self-created and Self-perceived otherness for the purpose to experience togetherness. Togetherness being synonymous with Companionship, Friendship, Love. In nuce: The Amoris Theory states that both Spin 1, Spin 2 and Spin 0 is Self (I) desiring to Love and Be Loved, and that, at any time there is only One Self. Hence why physical reality is Self embracing itself according to One's own Love. Hence why the equation for the Amoris Theory is strikingly simple: “I=Love” for all separation is ultimately illusory as ‘physical reality is Self desiring Love. In conclusion. When it comes to ultimate reality; 'Truth is Simple, Purpose is Love'. In more flowery words: All this according to One's Own Love; I=Love.
~ Wald Wassermann