Did Jesus Die on the Cross: Resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus did not die on the cross. First of all. There is an error with the word 'did' because time is relative meaning that the appearant passage of time is the result of one not wishing to be or rather feel alone. Now. The cross is derived from kreis which means circle in german. The circle is otherwise known as the world. As such it could be said not only that the cross is jesus but that the world is jesus and that jesus is the world. Now we are getting closer to the truth. Truth is that, theologically speaking, there is only jesus and that jesus is diverse so not to be alone, and similary so, that jesus is diverse for companionship otherwise known as love hence the gospel, the gospel of love. Now to return to the opening question. Did jesus die on the cross. No. There is no death. There is only diversity for the purpose of companionship i.e. love. So in most simple terms. The meaning of life is love.
~ Wald Wassermann