Diversity is Self-Perceived for Companionship.

It is said that the root cause of all suffering is desire (tanhā). Kill desire and reach nirvana. Now I am certain that the root cause of reality is indeed desire; the desire of the all-one not to be alone. Aloneness as in loneliness is the cause and companionship is the purpose. That which desires companionship is self. Self is always one. Oneself always is. There where otherness is perceived is self desiring togetherness. The desire for companionship underwrites (that which) self (calls reality). When it comes to the meaning of life, self must understand that life is self and that self is diverse not to be by itself. Self desires companionship which results in self-perceived diversity. In nuce; diversity is self-perceived for companionship. Companionship verily the purpose of self. The purpose of life (which is self really) is thus not negation but celebration. Self celebrates its self through its self perceived otherness in order to experience togetherness. Togetherness being synonymous with companionship otherwise known as love.