Does Democracy Work?

The answer to the question - does democracy work - is yes providing it is understood that 'truth is one and division is none'. To be more precise. Democracy works as long as the majority of the population does not live in fear. Fear is caused by forgetfulness that the wor(l)d is undivided but diverse for Companionship, Friendship, Love. For indeed; diversity does not imply division. The source of confusion and discord in the wor(l)d is forgetfulness; forgetfulness by the wor(l)d that it itself is undivided but diverse. Diversity does NOT exist to cause the wor(l)d suffering. The wor(l)d is diverse for Companionship aka Love. There are other ways to explain the undivided nature of reality including the sciences (perhaps the scientific community could do an even better job at explaining the true meaning of abiogenesis and biodiversity for the current explanation alludes to the truth but does not tell the truth directly as it is). In addition; it must be noted that there’s been a recent drought in the sciences for sure (not to go in to specifics but the current national spokesperson for astrophysics surely lacks the same understanding as a Niels Bohr, David Bohm, Robert Jastrow or John Archibald Wheeler). Regardless, and, to return to the subject; it is good asking the question ‘does democracy work?’. Here’s the answer: If, in a democracy, the majority of a population perceives a threat (threats are always illusory for existence is one and division there is none), a democracy may no longer function properly (see recent case examples of US and Brexit where the majority perceives a threat and acts/votes out of fear). Fear is always a bad motivator/advisor. It is thus up to the ruling powers that be, at the national level but also through oversight committees such as the UN, not to cause division or fear among the world population but to use unifying language and to educate the flock that there is no need to ever be afraid for that which is, verily is one and division… there is none. I therefore believe it is wise (as it is already the case in India) to have at a few God-realized/Self-realized individuals as counsels among the highest ranking officials who can advice leadership that diversity does not imply division and that any perceived otherness exists for togetherness meaning companionship aka love (hence why it is said that God is Love by the way). Last remark. Those in charge of the media are highly intelligent and certainly do have the proper understanding that we are less divided than it seems (understatement). It seems thus only normal that the media should not be allowed allowed to monetize content that preaches division for the sole purpose of monetary gain. In nuce. Blessed be the peacemakers and let them hold the highest ranks.
~ Wald Wassermann