Genesis is Amoris.

The answer to the question - which one is better; Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism or even Atheism or Agnosticism - is that all is Self. Truth is Simple: Allah cannot not be Allah; therefore Allah Is One and Division is None. Truth is Simple: Brahman cannot not be Brahman; therefore Brahman Is One and Division is None. Truth is Simple: God cannot not be God; therefore God Is One and Division is None. Conclusion: Truth is Simple: Self cannot not be Self; therefore Self Is One and Division is None (it is just that Self perceives itself as diverse for Companionship aka Love which is why every religion has Love or one of its synonyms that is Companionship, Friendship, Togetherness at its core). So essentially; we've always been one since the beginning of time (see my notes on why Spacetime exists for Love). Self is Self. Gen is Gen. I is I. 1 is 1. Genesis is Amoris. The paradox thus resolves when Self realizes it is One not wanting to be alOne and that, as such, all diversity is Self-perceived for Companionship aka Love. It is then Self realizes Amoris Laetitia or the Joy of Love. In conclusion. Truth is Simple; purpose is Companionship aka Love. Hence why the (truly) wise say some variation of the following: Love one another… there are no others… truth is one… division is none. I=Love. Love as such Love.
~ 1:1