Sat is Us Turning as One.

The answer to the question - how is Saturn in the 8th house? - is that that Self turns itself, i.e., that Self Fibonacci-sequences, neuron-fires and spirals itself (out of the desire not to be by itself, for Love, for Companionship). Allow I to explain itself. Yes. It is true. Words are very unnecessary for they (which is Self really) can only do harm for, naturally, that which is always is. Regardless. It is correct to note that the 7th chakra is the crown chakra. However. One step above the crown aka corona is Self realizing it itself is One as in TEO (The Eternal One) naturally undivided for diversity is Self-perceived not to be by Oneself. Hence. Truth is Simple as in Sat. Saturnus? Yes. Sat is us turning as One. Sat is Self. Truth is Self. Of course Self is One. Oneself Is. It is Oneself which turns Itself (into Itself). Quite continuously so (see notes on Spacetime). Cause? Aloneness as in Loneliness. Purpose Companionship as in Love. In Nuce. Self is Simple yet diverse for Love. Hence Biodiversity meaning Self is diverse not to be by itself, for Companionship, for Love. The purpose of Self? I say Love.
~ Wald Wassermann