It is not G-d for G-d to be alone; Love as such Love.

It is not Good for Man to be alone. Alright. Such is the truth. Here's the dealIo. Both God and Man are Oneself. Word? Yes. Word is Self. Self is One. Oneself is. The following as such closer to Truth (One = Self = Love). It is not Good for God to be alone? Close but no cigar. Lest try again. It is not good for Self to be alone? Spot on. All that is here is Self. Self desires not be alone which is why Self is diverse. Diversity serves the purpose of Companionship. Is this the meaning of Biodiversity? Innately yes. Self is diverse not to be by itself. Self is diverse for Companionship. Self is diverse for Love. Very true. Truly simple. I Love.