It's all Good. Love!

It is correct to note that Om aka The Wor(l)d, is all this for The Word desires to manifest itself as the World, and vice versa, The World is the result of the desire of The Word to manifest itself. The underwriting cause of the desire, loneliness, matters not as much as the underwriting purpose, Companionship Friendship Love; the feeling of Connectionship, Togetherness and the Joy and Felicity it gives. So it goes for The Universe. The Universe is Om and Om is the Universe. So it goes for the Cosmos. Om is Cosmic Totality. At any time, there is no separation. There is no division. Division is the fallacy of all fallacies. All is Om meaning all is One in reality. When it comes to spacetime, all that is past, present and future is verily Om for Om is spacetime and beyond spacetime. The direct truth is this. Om is Self. At any time; there is only One Self, there is only Om, i.e., there is only Ayam or Sh(i)va, Śvā, Sva. It is this what is The World: Self is undivided but diverse not to be by itself. Self is diverse for Companionship. Self is diverse for Friendship. Self is diverse for Love. As to Spacetime; Self is Spacetime. Space to embrace. Time for Love. All that is here is Self embracing itself in Love. Love verily the purpose; the purpose verily Love. The wise thus say that Om (is) Love in action and so it is for all this is Self and the purpose of Self is Love. Truth is simple, purpose is Love. In conclusion: it’s all G-d and the purpose of G-d is Love. Last remark. Don’t overthink but enjoy Life. Life is beautiful. Focus on all the beauty and do not get distracted by any negativity for negativity is positivity not realizing it itself is positivity, or, Om not realizing it is Om. Simplified. It's all good. Love!
~ Wald Wassermann