Love is the State of the Union.

The lowest form of Self is the unrealized Self meaning Self not realizing there is only Oneself (as in G-d) and that all perceived diversity is verily Self not wanting to be by itself. When it comes to relationships in the World (which is the Word aka Self made manifest); unrealized individuals that come together as a couple, as a union, as nations, stand at first a fighting chance against the Wor(l)d but ultimately the same illusory state of separation or division that brought them together turns against these individuals and destroys their falsely imagined house for it is build on the fallacy of division (see history of the universe which is the story of Self really). The highest form of union is Uni realizing it itself is undivided and that any perceived otherness verily is the result of Self not wanting to be by itself in the current. For so it is. Reality is Self and Self is reality. Self is undivided and all diversity in the World is Self-desired, Self-created and Self-perceived for Aimitiรฉ as the meaning of Gen I is (Genisis) truly is Amor I is (Amoris). Amoris Laetitia or Ananda is thus Self realizing there is only One Self and that the purpose of Self is Companionship, Friendship, Togetherness, Love. In nuce: True Love is the Word realizing it is the World for Love (and vice versa); True Love is Self realizing it is diverse for Love. Love is the state of this Union; this Union it is always Love.
~ Wald Wassermann