Self on Itself (Previously Known as The Sof-a).

The only words that matter for h(an)umanity (meaning Self-embraces itself) are 'ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME*' for Love stands central between I and YOU for g-d reason hence I LOVE YOU. Word? Yes Word for the Word is Self. All that is here is Self (gen-I-is) deluding itself of being itself, undivided, single yet fully conscious of its deep crushing loneliness (not at the ego-state but even more so at the all encompassing g-d state which results in the ego-state) which results as such in a permanent state of negation or denial, resulting in the self-engineered mechanism of a split-ego-personality syndrome commonly known as Life. Life naturally serving the purpose to consummate this I-nnate longing or desire for Love. No wonder than that the meaning of Life is Love.  Nothing wrong with that (as That is Tฤt is เคคเคค् is เคธ्เคต) as long as Self (I) remembers its very own originating cause is loneliness and that the true underwriting purpose of Life/Self is Companionship otherwise known as Love. All the world is a stage indeed for it is the word (Self) that is staging itself as diversified, as variegated, not to be by itself, for Companionship, for Friendship, for Love. As such it is common and certainly proper to say 'Let Love be our only God'.