On The Expulsion Out of the Garden of Eden.

The answer to the question - is it true that division does not exist in reality - is yes. Reality is undivided but diverse for Love. Regardless; it is good asking this question and it must be remembered tha mathematics is an abstract art and that Truth is One. It is said that division does not exist, and similarly, that division is the tool of the devil (invented for the purpose to divide and conquer). I concur. Naturally there is no devil; the devil is Self forgetting that diversity does not imply division. Perhaps this is why the truly wise speak unifying words such as ‘we are less divided that it appears’, for indeed, the rather late and faulty delusion called division is a very recent concept of modern man detached from it’s true undivided nature. Self is always One. Oneself always is. Self is undivided but diverse for Companionship aka Love. What it means is that all diversity is Self-desired and Self-perceived in the current not to be alone, for Companionship, for Friendship, for Love. The Word is AimitiΓ©. At any time, all that is here is Self and the purpose of Self is simply Love. Love being synonymous with Companionship. The only equation of any matter (for it encompasses antimatter too) is ‘I-Love’, or, as Bob Marley said: One Love. Om Eka, Om Prem, Om Shanti.
~ Wald Wassermann