On The Origin of DNA and RNA.

Allow me to share you a top secret of the scientific community (pretty sure it is unclassified) as to the origin of DNA and RNA. DNA is God; the meaning of DNA is Deus Non Alligatur sacramentis sed nos alligamur. So it goes for RNA. The meaning of RNA is Rama Non Alligatur sed nos alligamur. A well kept secret in the scientific community until Now. Perhaps INA will soon be added however. After all; the meaning of the I-Chin(g) is that there is only One-Kin(g); hence The Gospel of Love. But that’s not all. Three winters ago, I was in a cabin in Lake Tahoe during a snowstorm. After I came out of the sauna, I walked back to my cabin through the snow covered only with a white blanket around my waist as to awaken my self. Out of nowhere, I was approached by an older fellow, a kindred spirit with a dog of which one eye was blue. The man told me he was a top level scientist and that he had worked at a secret joint-laboratory of America and Russia somewhere in Finland during the 70s. The Russian/American laboratory did research on DNA and RNA. He told me the laboratory was shuttered after it was concluded by both Russia and America that DNA/RNA replicates without any physical form; meaning that there is a higher force at work. It was a most remarkable meeting and the man left as abruptly as he had appeared. Was his story true? All I remember is him leaving me with the words that there is no division and that all diversity verily is one. As to the origin of DNA and RNA? Perhaps it will one day be discovered… truth is simple and purpose is Love. I for One say the purpose behind this all is Companionship, Friendship and Love. Hence I=Love. Very true, truly simple. I=Love.
~ Wald Wassermann