Reality is Love.

The answer to the question - what is reality? - is love. In order to come to the above conclusion we can follow simple logic. Let's start from the beginning. Now𒀭 as in the beginning; Self is all that is here. That which is now, was that which was in the beginning. That is Self. Self is always One. Oneself always is. Self is undivided. Division does not exist. As to diversity. Diversity does not imply division. Now to continue. Diversity exists. But since there is only Oneself; diversity is Self-perceived. Now why would Self desire to perceive itself as diverse? Self desires to perceive itself as diverse not to be alone. It is not good to be alone it is said. A high truth. Self is diverse for companionship otherwise known as love. And since all diversity is self; all diversity is self-perceived for love. As such reality. Reality is (the result of) self desiring love. As such reality. Reality is love. (𒀭 Now is I am/I is; Self is space-time, matter and energy)
~ Wald Wassermann