There where is two is One not wanting to be alone.

At first sight it may appear we are too divided, too fragmented, too polarized. This is an error yet there is no one to blame but self. For self is the cause of itself. Self is the cause of its own self-perceived division, fragmentation, polarization. All polarization, fragmentation, division verily is self not wanting to be by itself. Self simply desires companionship. What does it mean? We are one not wanting to be alone, i.e. there where is two is one perceiving itself as two, as man, as woman, as life diversified, for companionship. It is said that opposites attract and it is so. But that (tāt, taṭ) which desires to perceive itself as opposites verily is self not wanting to be by itself. The purpose of self not to oppose itself; the purpose of self to experience togetherness through its self-perceived otherness. In nuce. All this verily self and the purpose of self verily companionship yes love.