Self is Diverse for Love.

Before the following is read it must be understood that there is only one self, i.e., there is only oneself (hence gen I is 1:1/I:I). Now. It is said that there is no division in the kingdom of god and so it is; division does not exist for existence is self and self is always one. Oneself is reality and reality is oneself. All diversity is self-desired, self-created and self-perceived so self would not be by itself, so self could experience companionship, so self could experience friendship, so self could experience love. The perception of otherness so self could experience togetherness. The primordial underwriting cause why self (reality) is diverse is loneliness and the primordial underwriting purpose why reality (self) is diverse is companionship otherwise known as love. All conflict in the wor(l)d is caused by forgetfulness. Forgetfulness that the wor(l)d is self and that the purpose of self is love.