Self is Diverse for Love.

The true meaning of 'Apocalyptic Minded' is 'Unveiling- as in Awakening Minded' for 'All is Mind', or to be more precise, 'All is Self' and 'The Purpose of Self is Love'. What does it mean? At any time, there is only one Self not wanting to be by itself which is why the purpose of Self is Love. All diversity is Self. Self veils itself for Love (ฮฝฯŒฮฟฯ‚kalรบptล or แผ‘ฮฑฯ…ฯ„ฮฟแฟฆkalรบptล ). All diversity is Self for it is Self which veils itself as diverse not to be by itself. Is that so? Yes. Self veils itself as plural, as man and as woman, as all of nature, to embrace itself out of this innate desire for Companionship otherwise known as Love. It is not Good for God to be alone? Yes. Teodiversity is correct. It is not Good for Self to be alone? Yes. Biodiversity is correct. All this for Companionship. All this for Friendship. All this for Love. Love verily the purpose; the purpose verily Love. In conclusion. It's all Good in the hood.
~ Wald Wassermann