Self is Diverse to Embrace Itself.

It is said that the aim of theoretical physicists is to unite quantum theory with the theory of general relativity. Several erudite peer to peer proposals have been made and will undoubtedly continue to be made including string theory and loop quantum gravity which all fail to address that reality is Oneself and that the state of Self is always undivided. Yes I am certain that 'that which is, always is' and that this 'that' is not external but Self: Self is always One; Oneself always is. There is thus nothing more absurd than a quest for a complete unification for Self is always unified, undivided and whole. It is just that reality in all its magnificent diversity is (the result of) Self not wanting to be by itself. So it is. Diversity is Self-desired, Self-created and Self-perceived for Companionship, for Friendship, for Love. But all that is here, at any time, is Self. Self perceives itself as diverse to embrace itself. A loving embrace transcending time and space. Yes. Spacetime exists for Love. In conclusion: the quest for a unification between quantum mechanics and general relativity is an abstraction for reality is Self and Self always has been, is, and always will be unified. Furthermore; there is no division and diversity is Self-perceived for Companionship otherwise known as Love. Truth is Simple as in Singular as in Self; Self's purpose is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann