Self's Search for Love.

I got into a heated debate earlier today with I (in the form of a stunning lady) over the purpose of Life. The heat stemming not from the debate (for that which is debating is Self); but from the lady's stunning good looks (which were Self-created to ensure Companionship aka Love). Regardless; I was told by her (I) that it's all about survival when it comes to the meaning of Life. I told I (her) that the meaning of Life is Love. I was asked why and I was assured it was simple survival. 'I concur' I said for truth is simple indeed. There is only I. I is I. Why would I thus need to survive? Nothing is more absurd. The purpose of I (Self) is not to be by itself. The purpose of Self is Companionship. The purpose of Self is Love. Love is what Self is all about. Very true, truly simple.
~ Wald Wassermann