Slay the Dragon of Forgetfulness.

And there was war in heaven for Self had fallen asleep to who it was and why it was. Who it was was One and why it was diverse was Love. And so goes the deeper meaning and significance of the story of St. Michael and the dragon. St. Michael is Self and the Dragon is Self-Forgetfulness. Forgetfulness that, at any time, Self is undivided but diverse for Companionship yes Love. And thus St. Michael slays the dragon. And thus Self slays its own forgetfulness and awakens from the big sleep to its own divine nature that is all-encompassing and all-inclusive Love. And so Self re-enters The Garden of Eden, this elevated state of joy and felicity, that was always here, that is always Now. And there was peace in heaven for Self remembered it was One and that all diversity served the purpose of Companionship otherwise known as Love.
~ Wald Wassermann