That Which Is Always Is.

The answer to the question - is there an afterlife? - is yes. To be more precise. The before life, life and after life are not mutually exclusive but verily Self spacing itself this to embrace itself (sva-sva-prema-anurūpa). See my previous notes why the purpose of spacetime is Love. Love is why Self spaces itself. Space to embrace, time for Love. So is That (तत्/स्व//Self). All that is here is Self. Self has engineered itself to perceive itself as diverse not to be by itself. The purpose so simple so pure; the purpose Companionship, Friendship, Love. Truth is simple. 'Das Was Ist Immer Ist.' Yes. That Which Is Always Is. Self is The Eternal One (θεό, Theó, God) not wanting to be alOne hence why the meaning of Life is Love. The true meaning of Genisis 1=1 is that all that is here is Self and the purpose of Self is Companionship hence the importance of (the Gospel of) Love.
~ Wald Wassermann