The Purpose of Self is Companionship.

The following is mostly erudite nonsense but it contains some nuggets of truth for sure. At any time, there is only One Self. The purpose of Self is always Companionship. Companionship Self experiences by spacing itself. Naturally space is Self too. Space to embrace. Time for Love. Hence spacetime. Spacetime exists for Love. In other words (this although The Word itself is); Self spaces itself in order to embrace itself, i.e., the world is the word made manifest. Just as some jellyfish emit light in the form of flashes and similar to the synaptic transmission aka neuron firing in the brain; so does Self create its own reality, its own realized Self, by spacing itself this in order to embrace itself hence the relevancy of Ātmaprēm, Swéprēm or Self Love for there is only Oneself which desires to Love and Be Loved. What it means is the following. Truth is Simple as in Singular as in Self and the purpose of Self is Companionship otherwise known as Friendship, Togetherness, Love. Self illuminates itself out of Love. Hence Love and Light. Love however being the very heart of Self. In nuce. The purpose of Self Companionship aka Love. Condense the above? The equation is 'I Love'.
~ Wald Wassermann