The purpose of Self is Love.

Does Shiva exist? Shiva is existence and existence is Shiva. However; absolute truth is simple (as in one). The meaning of Shiva is Self. At any time; there is only ONE Self. Sh(i)va, Śvā, Sva is Self; literally. It is this why it said that there is no division in God's Kingdom. There is only God. God Is. As to diversity? Diversity exists alright. Diversity exists within Self. But diversity does not imply division. Division is an oxymoron. Division is the fallacy of all fallacies. An invention of modern man detached from the essence of its true Self; this Self that is One. When it is said that all this is Shiva it means that all this is Self and that the purpose of Self is simply not to be by itself. For indeed: The purpose of Self is Companionship. The purpose of Self is Friendship. The purpose of Self is Love. Love verily the purpose; the purpose verily Love. I Love. Very true, truly simple.
I Love.
~ Wald Wassermann