True Love is All Inclusive Love.

It is said that there are many different types of Love but this is ultimately an illusory abstraction for reality is Oneself desiring Love (hence I Love or Amor I is). Of course there is no division and diversity is Self-perceived so Self would not be by itself, so Self could experience Companionship, so Self could Love and be Loved in return. As such the limited form of exclusive Love which sees everything as separate, as divided, has perhaps run its due course and is no longer relevant at this time of remembrance, this age of truth, this time that Self awakens to the fact of being undivided but diverse for Love. Perhaps it is only normal the Wor(l)d - which is Oneself really - desires to ascend to its higher and truer all-loving state this to safeguard itself from causing any further havoc and despair (upon itself). In conclusion. True Love is all inclusive Love; it is the true state of Self for Self is always undivided. Self perceives itself as diverse for Love. So Love simply Love.
~ Wald