Understanding The Hidden Meaning of Om: The First Sound of the Universe.

When it comes to the origin of the universe; the wise say that om is the first sound of creation and the original vibration of the universe and so self is. Self is the origin of itself. Why? The meaning of om is self. It is self which desires not to be by itself. Now self may call itself the universe, the world, life or even consciousness but all these words point self away from itself which can only lead to ignorance and ignorance leads to internal strife. So self must remember that truth is simple. The universe is self. The world is self. Life is self. Consciousness is self. Self is one not wanting to be alone which is the cause of all self-desired, self-created and self-perceived differentiation. It is not good to be alone. The purpose of self is companionship. The purpose of self is friendship. The purpose of self is love.
~ Wald Wassermann