What does God expect from Us in Our Life?

It is stated in some of the theological literature that God is impartial in the material World (World = Matter = Māter = (The Word) and that He* doesn’t expect Us to do things that We are incapable of, nor that He expects Us not to do things We are conditioned to doing. Truth to be told; it's not as complicated as it sounds. First of all. There is only God; God is Diverse so not to be alone hence why the real meaning of impartial is not without action but 'I am partial; consisting of seemingly separate parts so not to be alone' as in Genesis 2:18. Hence also the correct definition of particle physics by the way. Theologically speaking; there is only God partnering with itself so not to be by itself and this for the singular purpose to experience companionship i.e. love itself. Now to return to the opening question. What does God expect from us in our life? In most simple terms. The purpose of God is love so love simply love. (* This one)
~ Wald Wassermann