Dancing in the Fountain.

At any time; all that that is here is self and the purpose of self is companionship which is why self created the bodymind complex which acts as a veil so self could embrace itself, so self could love and be loved in endless return. In most simple terms. The purpose of life is love for self has created itself (life) to embrace itself. All this for love, not to be alone. It is not good to be alone. Now the answer to the question - what is definitely not the purpose of life/self? - is to fight itself. After all; nothing is more absurd for there is no-one to fight but self. As such all conflicts are born out of forgetfulness/ignorance of knowing one’s true purpose is companionship, friendship, love. The goal for humankind is to transcend ignorance and darkness and to embrace truth is one is diverse for love. In nuce. Life is not to be negated but celebrated for it the pinaccle of one's very own creation.
~ Wald Wassermann