Dark matter is Self (interacting with Itself not to be by Itself)

The answer to the question - what is dark matter? - is (now as in the beginning) Self. Is that so? Yes, I am, as a scientist and biologist saying that Self is all that is here. Self is all that is there. Here and there are all Self. Now Self may abstract-, divide- and compartmentalize itself and give itself different labels and names but reality is always simple. All that is here is Self. Self is always one. Oneself is always undivided. As to division? Division is an abstraction that exists in the body-mind complex alone. Reality is undivided awareness. Reality is undivided consciousness. This undivided awareness or consciousness is Self. Now to return to the subject of dark matter. Dark matter is Self. We could stop there for Self is the final answer in itself. If Self were to further expand upon the above; the following would also be correct. Dark matter is Self-interacting with itself𒀭 this not to be by itself. You see. While dark energy repels, dark matter attracts; truth is all is Self complementing itself. Though dark energy and dark matter can be understood individually, they cannot exist separately. Sure. They may seem like opposites and do typically represent two different sides of one Self but their properties are actually complementary and dependent on one another. This indivisible divine communion is in reality one union dancing and romancing with itself. Without dark energy, dark matter cannot exist. Without dark matter, dark energy is not present. Dark energy and dark matter are inseparable; just as man and woman for that matter. All this is one dance of lovey dovey. In conclusion. Self Is. That which Self calls dark matter is Self. That which Self calls dark energy is Self. The purpose of Self is not to be by itself. The purpose of Self is Companionship. The purpose of Self is Friendship. The purpose of Self is Love. Love so love for, at any time, all that is here is self. The initial singularity is always singular as in one Self (I) and the purpose of Self is always Love eternal. The grand EQuation? 'I=Love'
(𒀭 Self is dark matter and dark energy)
~ Wald Wassermann