Om Ekā, Om Prem, Om Śānti.

It is said Om Śānti Śānti Śāntih or I am Peace Peace Peace and Yes I am certain so. The first realization preceding Om Śānti being Om Ekā or I is One. When Om realizes it is One and that verily all diversity is Self and that Self is diverse for Love* it is realized Om Prem or I is Love for Love truly is the very essence of Self; Love is the very Heart of Self. When Om or Self realizes it is One/Love it is then understood Om Śānti Śānti Śāntih. So first Om Ekā, second Om Prem and third Om Śānti. Om Ekā, Om Prem, Om Śānti. I is One, I is diverse for Love and as such I realizes Peace. (* Love is synonymous with Aimitié which means Companionship, Friendship, Togetherness).