Note to Self. Time is Self. Truth is Simple as in One as in Self. At any time, there is only One Self (I). Self perceives itself as diverse out of the desire for Companionship aka Love. Is there forgetfulness in 'The Wor(l)d' about its very own raison d'etre? Yes. Forgetfulness the purpose of Self is Companionship aka Love and that at any time, at any yuga, there is only Oneself. The Satyug commences when Self is fed up with its own suffering and says stop; I Am One, I am Love, i.e., Om Eka, Om Prem. It is then it is realized Om Śānti Śānti Śāntiḥ. This time is Now*. Now Satprem. (* I/I Am/Om/स्व)