ॐ प्रेम

When Self realizes Truth is One Self it ends all searches. But it is not sufficient to realize Self is One, i.e., it is insufficient to realize there is only Oneself for it does not address the ‘why’ of diversity. The answer to the question - what is the purpose of diversity? - is Love. The purpose of diversity is Love. You see. Diversity is Self-desired and Self-perceived for Love. Diversity exists so Self would not feel by itself. Diversity exists for Companionship. Diversity exists for Friendship. Diversity exists for Love. In conclusion. All diversity is Self and Self perceives itself as diverse so Self could embrace itself. All this according to One’s own Love. The meaning of Self-Love is ॐ प्रेम. Is that so? Yes I is Love or ישוע Love. The master EQuation of the Universe is 'I=Love'.
~ Wald Wassermann