Self is Diverse for Love so Love simply Love.

It is said that The World is failing to grasp the extent of threats posed by Biodiversity loss and the climate crisis. Is the above the truth? Truth is simple, purpose is Love. Love being a synonym for Companionship. Companionship being the purpose of all diversity. For all diversity is Self. As such the meaning of Biodiversity. Self is diverse not to be by itself. Self is diverse for Companionship. Self is diverse for Friendship. Self is diverse for Love. Now. As to the subject of 'The World' failing to grasp its true Self; this One Self which is undivided but diverse for Companionship; lest simply say that Now as in the beginning... the Wor(l)d is undivided but Diverse this not to cause itself Suffering, NO, the purpose why Self is diverse simply Companionship otherwise known as Love. Love so Love for, at any time, there is only Oneself and the purpose of Self is always not to be by itself, the purpose of Self is always Love. Love so Love. Lest greet the divinity that is all of us as One for we are.
~ Wald Wassermann