The Meaning of Life is Love.

That which is, always is. That is known by many names including but not limited to Allah, Buddha-Nature, God, Tat (तत्), Brahman (ब्रह्मन्), but ultimately all of the above are and the personality of is प्रेम. Now it gets interesting. The meaning of is I AM (अयम्) or Swá, Shva (yes... ShIva), Śvā, Sva (from Proto-Indo-European Swé). Now it gets even more interesting. The meaning of Swá is Self. Self is That which always is. One's true Self is eternal. The highest knowledge is knowing Self is Eternally One, i.e., Self is The Eternal One (teo/θεό). Hence the Greek aphorism ‘Know Thyself’. But the above is not the highest knowledge for it does not answer why Self is diverse. Indeed. It is good asking the question: 'why does diversity exist?'  Diversity exists for Companionship. The originating cause - loneliness - matters not as much as the underwriting purpose - Companionship/Friendship/Love. Truth is simple. At any time; there is only One Self (the meaning of אין סוף is One Self). Self leaves space between itself not to be by itself. Is that so? Yes. Self spaces itself to embrace itself. The purpose of Self is Companionship. The purpose of Self is Friendship. The purpose of Self is Love. The highest knowledge is knowing that the meaning of Life is Love for Life is the Divine (which is Self really) experiencing itself as diverse in order to consummate this innate desire or longing for Companionship, Friendship, Love. There is nothing to fight nor is there anything to argue about for all that is here is Self and the purpose of Self is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann