The Purpose of the Universe is Love.

The answer to the question - what was before the universe? - is (now as in the beginning) self. Self is the origin of itself. All that is here now is Self. Self is still all one. Self is still alone. But since it is not good to be alone; there is diversity. Yet all diversity is self. Self is diverse not to be by itself. Sure. Diversity is self-perceived. It doesn't matter. What matters is why self is diverse. Self is diverse for companionship. Self is diverse for friendship. Self is diverse for love. It is said that all conflicts are born out of ignorance, willful blindness, forgetfulness. So it is. Forgetfulness that the purpose of self is not to fight itself (see history of the universe and the famous aphorism by the Spanish philosopher George Santayana); the one and only purpose of the universe, of self, is companionship. Love so love for, at any time, all that is here is self. In conclusion. The initial singularity is still singular as in one as in self (I) and the purpose of self is still love. The grand EQuation? 'I=Love'.
~ Wald Wassermann