Śūn is Self.

Śūnyatā" (Sanskrit शून्यता) is incorrectly translated as "voidness", "emptiness", "hollow", "hollowness", "devoidness". It is the noun form of the adjective śūnya, plus -tā: śūnya which does not mean "zero", "nothing", "empty", or "void" but "self" for it is derived (not from the root śvi, meaning "hollow") but swé from Proto-Indo-Aryan swá, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *swá, from Proto-Indo-European swé (self) which cognates with Avestan 𐬓𐬀‎ (xᵛa), Latin suus, Ancient Greek ἑός (heós), Persian خود‎ (khod), Russian свой (svoj). Self best forget about all this void nonsense. Truth is One? Yes. Truth is Self is One not wanting to be alone. Truth is Self is diverse for Companionship. Truth is Self is diverse for Friendship. Truth is Self is diverse for Love; Love therefore Love.
~ Wald Wassermann