Reality is Self Celebrating Itself as Diverse not to be by Itself.

It is said by some that desire is the root cause of all suffering. This is a fallacy caused by incomplete self-realization. Yes. Desire is the cause alright. Desire is the cause of the origin of the universe. Desire is the cause of the origin of the earth. Desire is the cause of the origin of life. However; there is no division in reality for reality is self. What does it mean? Truth is self is undivided but diverse for companionship, friendship, love. Do away with this foolishness that is division and realize all that is here is at any time self. The universe is self. The earth is self. All life is self. Self is the origin of itself. All that is here now is self. Self desires not be by itself which is why self is diverse. Diversity exists for companionship. That which desires companionship is self. When it comes to origin; now as in the beginning, the desire not to be alone is the cause and companionship is the purpose. Now to return to the fallacy that desire is the root of all suffering. Desire is the cause of all joy for reality is self celebrating itself as diverse so to embrace itself. The purpose of otherness so self could experience togetherness. Togetherness verily the purpose of self. Truth is simple, purpose is love.
~ Wald Wassermann