Shiva is Oneself.

All words are spoken by the word. What is the word? The word is self. The aforementioned being but a prelude to the meaning of Śūnyatā. Talk about self loosing itself in translation. Śūnya is a Sanskrit word meaning NOT "zero," "nothing," "empty" or "void" but "Self". Śūn is derived NOT from the root, svi, meaning "hollow" but from the root Sve or Śvā. Humankind best forget about all this nonsense about "emptiness" or "nothingness". It is not that there is no-self; it is that there is only oneself. Yes. The meaning of Shva, Śvā, Sva is Self. Shiva is Oneself. Oneself is creator and creation. Creation and creator are oneself experiencing itself as differentiated so not to be by itself. The purpose of self companionship. Love so love!
~ Wald Wassermann