Self is Love in Action.

Imagine for a moment that there is only god. Now. What would you do if you are god and you are conscious of your own aloneness aka loneliness? You’d desire companionship. You’d desire friendship. You’d desire to love and be loved in return. What it essentially means is that all differentiation is god-desired, god-created and god-perceived for companionship, friendship, love. The conclusion being that 'God is Love in action'. Now is the above an abstraction? To the theist no but to the atheist yes. In that case we can simply replace the word god with self providing it is understood that, at any time, there is only oneself not wanting to be by itself and that all diversity is as such self-desired, self-created and self-perceived for love with love being a catch-all word for companionship, friendship, the desire to experience togetherness. In nuce. The first cause ‘is’ and the cause - loneliness - matters not as much as the purpose - love. The conclusion being 'Self is Love in action'.
~ Wald Wassermann