On Conflict Resolution: Cause and Remedy.

The cause of all conflict is non-self-recognition. It must first be understood that, at any time, there is only oneself. Non-self-recognition is thus self-engineered out of a two-fold desire: 1) the desire not to be alone 2) the desire for companionship. And so as self has veiled itself, it has forgotten its original cause and purpose. The cause - aloneness - matters not as much as the purpose - love. In conclusion. Self must remember that the purpose of diversity is so self could embrace itself, so self could experience companionship, so self could experience friendship, so self could love and be loved in return. In most simple terms. The purpose of the illusion of separation, why self (i) illusions (perceives) itself as differentiated, is companionship, friendship, love. Love so love.
~ Wald Wassermann