The answer to the question - did quantum fluctuations create the universe? - is yes. However. Truth is simpler yet. The universe is self. I repeat. The universe is self. Self is the eternal one. Self is eternally one. It is however not good to be alone. Hence the originating cause and purpose of self. The originating cause of self is aloneness. The underwriting purpose of self is companionship otherwise known as love. What does it mean? Self fluctuates itself so not to be by itself. Come again? Self fluctuates itself for companionship; so to be able to love and be loved in return. Hence the meaning of the resurrection and the eternal life. There is no death really for life is self celebrating itself as self-differentiated (biodiversity) for companionship, friendship, love. In addition. There is no one to fight for all this is self and the purpose of self is love. To recap. Do quantum fluctuations cause the universe to expand? Abstractly speaking yes. But to be more precise. The initial singularity is self. Self fluctuates itself this for the purpose to embrace itself. The purpose of self is love.
~ Wald Wassermann