I is really One: How to solve the Palestine Israel conflict.

On how to solve the Palestine Israel conflict and all other conflict for that matter. The word speaks all words and ends up loosing itself - tower-of-babel-style - in translation. Some of the scriptures have incorrectly been translated in reverse thus confusing and misleading the word. The original meaning of 'Hear, O Israel: Jehovah our God is one Jehovah' is 'Hear ZERO/SELF/I is really ONE: YES SELF (yeshua/yeshiva) is One without a second and all differentiation is self-desired, self-conceived and self-perceived so not to be alone, for self-companionship, for self-friendship, for self-love.' Now! What is there thus to argue about? Who is there thus to fight? No One! All that is here is self. The only enemy is one's own ignorance. Lay down thy sword and realize there is only oneself and that the purpose of self is companionship, friendship, love!
~ Wald Wassermann