Beyond Crunch, Rip, Freeze or Decay — Why The Universe Never Ends.

The answer to the question - will the universe end? - is no. In order to understand the above one must understand that the universe is self. Self is the eternal one. Self is eternally one. All differentiation is but self-desired, self-conceived and self-perceived so self would not feel by itself. Now self may call itself consciousness or awareness or whatever as long as self remembers that self speaks all words. All words are thus potentially misleading leading self away from itself. Now to return to the endless universe. Self is deathless, eternal and everlasting. All perceived changes of form are all self moving itself out of desire. Desire for constant companionship, the desire for friendship, the desire to love and be loved in return. Self is eternal and eternally in motion out of love. There is thus nothing to worry about in the world. For the word is self and self is always and forever. During times of trials and tribulations, simply close your eyes and mediate on love; all-engulfing blissful love. For such is the nature of one's true self. The nature of self is all-engulfing love.
~ Wald Wassermann