The Initial Singularity is still Singular: Big Bang and Eternal Inflation Explained.

At any time, all that is here is self, i.e., there is only oneself not wanting to be by itself. Self is love in action. If there would be no action or no movement (entropy as science calls it) self (the initial singularity as science calls it) would be alone as in lonely. Now it is not good to be alone. As such self continuously moves itself (science calls this quantum fluctuations) so not to be by itself, so to be able to experience companionship, friendship, love. What it means is that there is no death and that life is self celebrating itself as self-differentiated (string theory as science calls it) for companionship, friendship, love. Love is the nature of reality for reality is self moving itself for love; so to be able to love and be loved in eternal return (science calls this eternal inflation).
~ Wald Wassermann