Omega as in Omeka (Self is One).

Is Shiva* male or female? Both. Shiva - which really means Self - is correctly so depicted as being androgynous in the Ardhanarishvara form for good reason. Why? Shiva is Wo-Man and Wo-Man is Shiva. For when it is said that 'all this is Shiva' it really means that 'all this is Self' and that the reason why Self has conceived itself to perceive itself as Man and as Woman is Love with Love being a synonym for Companionship and Friendship. All this was born out of One’s own desire not to be alOne. All this was born out of One's own desire to Love and Be Loved in eternal return. In conclusion. Shiva is Self and the purpose of Self is Love. Self is Love in action. Without action, Self could not experience Love. Hence. Om Eka or I am One, Om Prem or I am Love, Om Shanti or I am Peace. This is the holy trinity of God- or Self-realization. (* Allah, Buddha, Christ, Consciousness, God, Jesus, One, Krishna, Swa, Sva, Shva, Vishnu, The Universe, et al for after all... The Word aka Self speaks all words).
~ Wald Wassermann